How To Have A Boy- Top 5 Steps

Getting A baby Boy NaturallyWho does not want to increase the chances of having a baby boy in the family? And off course you are correct everyone does. There are several natural ways in which you can increase the chances of having a baby boy.

Before going deep in to the methods which would help you to increase the chances of having a baby boy, let us go ahead and know a bit of the biological details which goes on during the conception process.

During the conception as we already know a male sperm fertilize a female egg, which gives rise either to a boy or a girl.

Now the male sperm can have either a “Y” chromosome or a “X” chromosome inside it, the “Y” chromosomes are responsible for having a baby boy and the “X” chromosomes are responsible for having a baby girl.

So let us go ahead and look into the details of the five steps:

Top Five Steps To Conceive A Boy

Step 1: Tracking The Ovulation!

With a little bit of research it is quite easy to track your ovulation. Or in lay man’s language, track the time when the egg is released from the ovary. The Sperms which carries the “Y” chromosome are shorter moves faster and dies off quickly than the ones carrying the “X” chromosomes.

Hence to conceive a boy you will need to have the intercourse as close as possible to the ovulation. This will ensure that the sperms carrying the male chromosome reaches the egg first and fertilizes it giving you a baby boy.

Step 2: Maintaining the ph of the body.

Ph is the measure of alkalinity or acidity of any substance, and it ranges from zero to ten. Seven being the neutral for example water. To conceive a boy we need to favor the sperms carrying the “Y” chromosome. Now when your body is on the alkaline side, it tends to help the sperms carrying the “Y” chromosomes. To know how to conceive a boy with alkaline diet click here.

Step 3: Choose sexual positions carefully

Choosing the sexual potions carefully can really have a high effect on chances of conceiving a boy. As we already know, the male sperms are shorter, agile and can move faster compared to the female sperms. Hence depositing the sperms closer to the cervix ensures that the sperms have a lesser distance to travel to fertilize the egg. So naturally the male sperm gets an upper hand or a head start over their female counterpart, when the sexual positions are chosen correctly.

You can choose any position which gives a deep penetration, however the rear entry position is found to be most useful by maximum number of couples.

Step 4: Try To Orgasm During The Intercourse

During some recent clinical trials it was found that, orgasm is a body’s natural way to increase the chances of conception process. However only by basic understanding we can see that during an orgasm there is quite a bit of muscle movement inwards, which helps the sperms to swim faster.

Since the male sperms are faster than the female counterparts, they can take the most benefit out of it and can move quicker to fertilize the egg.

Step 5: Keep The Glucose Level Of Body High During Conception

According to a research in Exeter University In England, there is a relation between level of glucose in body and conceiving a boy. It was found during research that, the women’s who had higher glucose level during the conception process had higher rate of conceiving a boy.

So during the time you decide to conceive a boy, try to eat in small amounts throughout the day so, a steady amount of glucose level is maintained throughout the day.

Even though we have mentioned the Top five steps to conceive a boy, there are several ways in which you can increase the chances further. So if you are really interested in knowing about how to conceive a boy naturally,  please a check on this website.